El Campo Daybag


We have redesigned our El Campo Daybag to now be made out of a stunning natural undyed Italian Vachetta leather. This full grain vegtan leather is a bit of a patina monster, it will quickly take on marks and develop a beautiful patina unique to you, creating memories of your adventures together. 

We have been lucky enough to source one very special Spanish Horsehide side through a connection at Gaucho Ninja. We have made only one El Campo Daybag out of this one off hide. Truly a unique opportunity to own a very special piece.


Solid brass eyelets

Front pocket

Adjustable shoulder straps

“No stress” shoulder strap attachment

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Based on a traditional Spanish design

The Tanner Bates Rucksack is based on a traditional Spanish design. I discovered them in rural farm supply shops in Andalucia and was enchanted by their simplicity. You find them made from dark green canvas with leather trim.

Dimensions H 44 x W 37 cms

“No stress” shoulder strap

The weak point on back packs is always the place where the shoulder straps fasten onto the bag itself.

To remove this problem I made the bag in leather and re-designed the location of the shoulder strap onto the rope that ties up the top of the bag. The stress now is on the rope not the bag. This in time can be easily replaced and the bag can go on becoming more and more beautiful with age as only good leather can!

Love your Leather

Our undyed naturally tanned leather is tough and can take a battering. We stitch it with a durable rot resistant thread which will give years of service. Occasionally a dose of Tanner Bates Liquid wax will make it look good as new. 

Naturally tanned leather benefits from and will look its very best if given an occasional dose of natural waxes and oils. Our Leather care information card is included with every purchase.


Undyed naturally tanned leather is not water repellent in its natural form and will absorb water, ink, oil – any liquid in fact which will stain irredeemably.  It is, however, the staining, scuffs and scratches that help build the patina so loved in old leather.


Instructions on how to build Patina

Firstly, undyed naturally tanned leather loves to be used, even abused. Above all don’t be precious or protective about your leather, but do look after it.

When the leather gets wet, let it dry naturally then feed with Tanner Bates Hide Food. If, before it goes near water, you want to make it water repellent use Tanner Bates Water Repellent Wax. The application of Hide Food and Water Repellent Wax will darken and deepen the colour of the leather.

Hide Food and Water Repellent Wax keep your leather supple, builds patina and increases longevity. Occasional feeding with waxes will deepen stains, marks, scratches and scuffs, building a superb patina reminiscent of antique leather cases and inlaid leather desktops.

These bags will get stained by water, rain, and any other liquid or moisture the leather comes into contact with. The leather will also absorb natural oils and sweat from the skin of the wearer. These stains can not be removed, the first stain is always the most painful. Feed with Tanner Bates Hide Food or Water Repellant Wax to deepen stains, scuffs and scratches blending them deeper into the leather forming the foundation of a strong patina.

With time, the signs of life, use and activity will leave their marks and get absorbed into the leather. The wax treatment is essential to embed layers of staining, which will build an unrivaled patina, strength, and durability in a short time. Be mindful that it is a journey every bit as unique as the cow's life whose skin it came from. The first marks are the most distressing but Tanner Bates Hide Food and Water Repellent Wax  will deepen the markings creating a patina unique to you, the owner.

Full grain leather bears the scars of the animal. By caring for your Tanner Bates undyed naturally tanned leather product you will be continuing the journey of that animal's skin – unique to the animal and as the patina builds unique to you as the journey continues...