Milan OBT Belt

We have unearthed treasure from our local tannery. A quantity of very old Oak Bark Tanned Leather has been building up over a long time that was originally rejected because of surface scratching. Italian cast brass buckles are a perfect match. We currently only have limited stock of each buckle.

  • Six Buckle Options - Italian cast brass buckles in either Antique Brass or English Sliver finish
  • Belt width 35mm
  • Leather thickness 4.5mm
  • Free personalisation
  • 16 page book about leather describing our making processes and materials
  • Free shipping
  • Click here to learn more about bespoke personalisation

Minor surface irregularites are a feature of this 50-year old leather

For an accurate fit please see our size guide below.

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Finding your size

Measure an existing belt as shown in the diagram below.



We make the Vintage OBT Belt in 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and XLarge.

There are 7 holes 1" apart with the centre holes at:
Small 33" (Trouser Size 31")
Medium 36" (Trouser Size 34")
Large 39" (Trouser Size 37")
X Large 43" (Trouser Size 41")
The 7 holes cover 3" in each direction eg: Small 30-36", Medium 33-39", Large 36-42", X Large 41-45"


Leather belt with Italian buckle

More about the Vintage OBT Belt

The leather was made for stirrup leathers and is dark brown, waxy and extremely tough with a strong leather smell. It is measures in at approximately 4.5mm thick. 

We are using the hides for belts but don’t expect a pristine finish – the quality of the leather, workmanship, hardware and longevity is not compromised but be aware that the surface carries surface scratching. This is an important part of the leather’s story.

We are convinced our customers will share our delight at this special find especially as we are selling at a hard to resist price.

Our Vintage OBT Belt is 4.5 - 5mm thick and with care it should last a lifetime.


More About The Italian Buckles

Earlier this year I was at a trade show in Milan feeling a little out of place. On my shopping list was belt buckles. We have a long tradition of sand-casting superb lorinery in the West Midlands but its all related to horse tack. I went to Milan looking for buckles that would appeal to our customers who are looking for something different, something more stylish. I saw lots of beautiful hardware but all was made from a cheap alloy of magnesium and aluminium until finally, I found what I had been searching for: a foundry casting solid brass and designing the most elegant shapes. 

We have just taken delivery of our first sample order. Each one arrives individually wrapped in triple layer tissue – cast, fettled and packed with such care. Believe me, this is such a pleasure! Now I am eager to get the belts made up and out to our customers.


Uniquely Crafted

The leather is genuine vintage leather that was originally made for bridles or stirrup leathers but because of the exacting standards of the equestrian trade these hides were put to the side, rejected, because of surface scratching or superficial scarring.

The feel, initially stiff, will become more and more supple - but never floppy!

Wear this belt every day and watch the patina in the leather and the brass buckle develop over time.

No two are the same.
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Handmade leather belt with Italian buckle

Free Personalisation

Personalisation is included at no extra cost. We use traditional bookbinders brass type (24pt Gill Sans) embossed on the reverse of the belt (hidden on the inside). We emboss with heat similar to a branding process so that the text of your message has a dark matt appearance.

Please note that we position our own logo on the inside so that the upright letters are to the left of the buckle. Personalisation will follow the same orientation. Choose up to 12 characters or spaces, upper or lower case.

Love your Leather

Our leather is ethically and sustainably processed. The tannery uses a mixture of tree barks to transform the animal hides to leather. This is an ancient tradition which yields the familiar leather smell. Natural oils evaporate over time and need replenishing. Your leather benefits from and will look its very best if given an occasional dose of natural waxes and oils. Our Leather care information card is included with every purchase.