Hand Stitched Cut Edge Billfold Wallet

  • Only 20 available
  • Completely hand stitched using strong bonded nylon thread
  • Available in Oak Bark tanned or Russia kip leather from J&FJ Baker Tannery (If you would like the wallet in Russia Kip leather please contact us, retail price £285) Read more about Russia Kip here
  • For this Limited Edition we have selected sections of the hides highlighting the unique character of this special Devon tanned leather. No two are the same.
  • Rare Totnes £5 note bearing John's image
  • Cut Edge 13 piece design
  • Dimensions closed H 95 x W 110mm 
  • Each wallet is made to order so please allow up to 4 weeks for your wallet to be made and sent.

The hides are known as “full-grain” which means that the skin surface is as it came off the cow, just without the hair. The surface of the skin has not been buffed. This leaves all the character that were naturally on the cow’s skin; scars, blemishes etc. As a result, each product is unique to the owner. Tanner Bates - No two the same

(Photos are for illustration purposes only)


Limited Edition Cut Edge Billfold Wallet complete with Totnes Local Money

In 1810 Totnes had it’s own local pound notes, and then again in March 2007 the local currency, Totnes pounds were reintroduced.

It was a huge success with a total of over 30,000 Totnes Pounds circulating among local businesses. (Even the Bank of England purchased a numbered set). The Totnes pound really helped to highlight the importance of the local economy. The scheme was finally discontinued in June 2019 due, in part, to the increasingly cashless economy.

The notes bear images of well known local people including none other than our very own John Hagger on the £5 note!

There is a well known tradition (not only in Totnes) that when gifting a wallet or a purse, you should put money in it so that the recipient will have good luck. By putting money in the gifted wallet or purse, you ensure that the wallet or purse will never be empty of money. 


In line with this tradition we are making a limited number of exclusive Hand-stitched Cut Edge Billfold Wallets each containing one of these historic, rare Totnes 5 pound notes bearing John as Tanner Bates representing the importance of craft makers in Totnes. Hand stitching is a traditional skill and, leading up to his forthcoming retirement from Tanner Bates, acknowledges John’s traditional roots in saddlery and bridlemaking.