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Limited Edition Vintage OBT Cut Edge Billfold Wallet

On a recent visit to Bakers Oak Bark Leather Tannery, East Devon,  I discovered a pile of very old Oak Bark Tanned Leather.

The hides were originally tanned for stirrup leathers - 5mm thick and incredibly strong. They were rejected for minor surface scratching, left in a pile in a dark corner and forgotten for 50 years – nobody really knows for how long exactly.

I got carried away and made a bid for the lot! The hides are hand-dyed a very dark brown, waxy and smell strongly of leather – truly old-fashioned and labour intensive!

  • Cut edge 13 - piece design
  • Vintage Oak Bark Tanned Leather - re-purposed 50 year old leather originally tanned for stirrup leathers by Bakers Tannery in East Devon.
  • Limited edition billfold wallets are serial numbered (From 10/20)
  • Dimensions Closed H 95 x W 110 mm
  • Free UK delivery



The Leather

We reduced the thickness from 5mm to 1mm to make Wallets

At the lighter weight this super deep dark brown leather feels luxuriously smooth and has a tactile waxy finish reminiscent of Shell Cordovan

We call it Vintage OBT (Oak Bark Tanned) and we use the same hides for our range of Vintage OBT belts

If you want your leather to have an unmarked pristine finish Vintage OBT is not for you - the quality of the leather, workmanship and longevity is not compromised but be aware that the surface carries light scratching. This is an important part of the leather’s story. 

The minor surface scratching and intense leather smell is a feature reflecting the age and strong provenance of this unique leather and doesn’t affect its durability.

Vintage Oak bark tanned leather produces superb edges so we prefer to expose them. Edges of lesser quality leather are not worthy of being exposed so have to be covered by a turning technique. Perfecting edges is probably the most time consuming procedure in making leather goods. There are no short cuts - we sand with finer and finer emery cloth down to 1200 grit to get a perfectly smooth burnished finish.