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Limited Edition Glasses Case

A Rare Waxed Devon calfskin which will soften and develop an appealing patina in just a few months. It is dyed mahogany brown and wax finished on the back while the front, the grain side, is left natural. 

  • Rare Devon Waxed Calfskin
  • Limited Run of 30
  • H 160 x W 75mm
  • Limited glasses case are serial number (e.g. 1/30)
  • Free Personalisation up to 5 characters. We emboss the natural calf without a coloured pigment. The heat of the brass letters colours the impression just a little darker than the leather itself. Distinct yet subtle.
  • Free UK Delivery

This case was designed for reading glasses and there is a possibility it won't fit all sunglasses


About this leather


Exploring the inner depths of our local oak bark tannery I came across a new and interesting leather, and a fascinating story about its origins.

The leather is intended for the best hand made calfskin riding boots – they are made with the back side out. It’s a tradition dating back to the long evenings of feasting and merriment after the days hunt.  After the meal the riders used the deer’s shin bone covered in fat to smooth out the scratches and scuffs from the brambles and thickets. Boots made in the usual way with the grain side out would soon be covered in irreparable unsightly scars. The practice is known as “boning”.