A Very Special Leather

At Tanner Bates we use the finest materials available. Our labour costs are our highest overhead by far so we don’t need to scrimp on materials. We don’t sell on price so lets use the best leather available to delight our customers and make our products even more desirable.

We like to know all about our materials, it makes a much better story.

One of our very special leathers is Russia Kip produced at our local tannery in East Devon. Kip comes from a young cow, bigger than a calf but smaller than a cow.

In the 70’s Cornish divers salvaged a cargo of Russian leather from a wreck that went down off the coast of Plymouth in 1786.

Our tanners were commissioned by a luxury French brand to create a leather made to the same ancient Russian recipe.

The leather is extraordinary, tanned with 3 different tree barks (willow, birch and oak) and, just like the original, dressed with birch oil.

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