A Little Christmas Inspiration

A Little Christmas Inspiration

December 07, 2023

All I want for Christmas is a Tanner Bates...

Leather Christmas Gifts - A Little Christmas Inspiration
The best thing about Christmas is celebrating loved ones, treating the most special people in your life to the gift they deserve the most.
With Christmas now clearly on the horizon, we have put together some of our favourite products as a little inspiration to help you find a little festive treat or the perfect present for your loved ones.
Sustainably and responsibly sourced, lovingly handcrafted, and made to last a lifetime. From leather bags, to repurposed belts, wallets, purses, and smaller accessories - you'll find something for everyone.

Stocking Fillers

Hand crafted festive delights - All for £20 or less!
Leather Key Clip Christmas Gift
Dartington Leather Bookmark
 Cable Tidy


Creative Christmas

Making something with your own hands is incredibly satisfying - good for the soul. Our range of Be The Maker kit products guide you through the process step by step, no need to be a pro leatherworker to create a well made functional product - based on our classic designs. All for £55 or less!
Be The Maker Leather Belt kit
Leather Card Holder Kit
 Billfold Wallet Kit

Something For Under The Tree

Treat someone to something truly special, these are some of our most popular pieces - for under £100!
Dartington Belt
Thurlestone Leather Card Holder
Yarmer Billfold Wallet
Gara Purse Leather
 Mill Bay Leather Tote Bag

Top Of The Tree

Why not indulge your desires, Christmas only comes once a year after all - Whether it's a present to yourself or a special someone!
Oak Bark Devon Leather Belt
Venford Hip Bag
Leather Bound Journal
Totnes Tote 

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