Our Waxed Canvas Care Guide

Our Waxed Canvas Care Guide

April 05, 2024

Our Waxed Canvas Care Guide

One of the best things about Halley Stevensons waxed canvas is that it is hard wearing and durable. It is designed and built to last, and with care should serve you well year after year. But just like our leather, it will benefit from an occasional dose of TLC. 
Waxed cotton is dressed with wax in order to make it shower-proof and weather resistant. This means that it cannot be cleaned like some other non-waxed fabrics. Do not use a washing machine or dry cleaners.
Over time and with use, this wax dressing will need reapplying.  
You can either reproof your waxed canvas bag at home, or have it done professionally. 
For a guide on how best to look after your leather, including the leather parts of your waxed canvas bag, please see our Leather Care Kit and Love Your Leather blog. 


If you are cleaning and reproofing your waxed canvas bag at home: 

Start by brushing off any loose dry dirt with a soft brush or a damp sponge. If there are any particularly stubborn areas, use a soft piece of cloth, cool/warm water. Do not use a degreasing soap, such as dish soap.
Once clean and dry, it may be time to apply a new wax finish. With a little time, patience and care you will be able to achieve a good result. 
Mallin & Son Our Waxed Canvas Care Guide
Please follow their guide on how to use these products to achieve the best result.
Please take care not to get the reproofing products on any leather parts of the bag.  

If you would like your bag to be professionally re-waxed: 
(Our recommendation)

Tanner Bates is proud to work closely with and highly recommends British company, Mallin & Son who provide specialist re-waxing services. Please use the contact information below to get in touch directly with Mallin & Son to arrange your reproofing service. 
Mallin & Son are the absolute authority on everything waxed cotton. They are the busiest and best waxed cotton workshop in the country. 
Mallin & Son Our Waxed Canvas Care Guide


A little bit about Mallin & Son:

Mallin & Son is small independent, family run business based in the heart of Yorkshire. 
They specialise in restoring waxed jackets and other waxed fabric items. 
Founded in 2019 by Ryan Mallinson, after the birth of his son, Mallin & Son quickly became synonymous with sustainable fashion and is unequivocally the go to place for waxed cotton reproofing. Mallin & Son reproof waxed jackets and other quality waxed goods in the heart of West Yorkshire sent in from all over the world and from legendary brands such as Barbour, Belstaff and Burberry, just to name a few. 
Mallin & Son Waxed Canvas
Working with textiles is not only in the Mallinson family blood, with the name dating back to the early 1900s, but is also part of the history of the area. Ossett was once a thriving hub for textiles, with the mills of the late 1800s employing large numbers, producing fabrics and recycling woollen goods which were then exported to all corners of the globe. Mallin & Son is proudly located in Springfield Mill which was Ossett’s first documented powered textile mill, built in the late 1700s.
What better place to have your Tanner Bates waxed canvas bag reproofed!

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