The Art of Time: Distinguishing NATO, Ermington and Bellever Leather Watch Straps

The Art of Time: Distinguishing NATO, Ermington and Bellever Leather Watch Straps

July 21, 2023

The Art of Time: Distinguishing NATO, Ermington and Bellever Leather Watch Straps

In the realm of horology, a watch strap is more than a mere accessory. It's an integral component that secures the wrist timepiece and embodies the wearer's style and taste. This article will delve into the distinct characteristics of three prominent types of watch straps – the NATO, Ermington and Bellever Bespoke leather watch straps – to help you understand their unique features and how they can enhance your timepiece.
Watch straps, or bands, are available in a plethora of materials, designs, and sizes. They are typically inexpensive compared to the actual timepiece, making them an economical way to change up your watch's look and customise the style without investing in a new model. From the rugged NATO strap to the sophisticated Bellever and Ermington leather straps, there's an array of options to suit every style and occasion.
A significant aspect to remember while selecting a watch strap is its size. Watch bands are typically sold in millimetres, based on the interior width of the watch lugs. This measurement can sometimes be located on the underside of the current strap. Alternatively, you can use a metric ruler or a printable template to measure the distance between the lugs of the watch case or the spring bar end of the present strap.


Types of Watch Straps

The variety of watch straps is vast, each with a fascinating backstory and distinct features. Whether you're seeking a NATO strap's functionality or the sophisticated appeal of Bellever and Ermington leather straps, there's a strap to cater to every preference.

Navigating the NATO Watch Strap

The NATO watch strap, originally named the "G10", traces its origins back to the British Army soldiers in the 1970s. Its distinctive single-piece construction, durability, and affordability have made it a perennial favourite among watch enthusiasts.
The NATO watch strap's rise to ubiquity is largely attributed to its unique design. Unlike most straps, which consist of two separate pieces, the NATO strap is a single piece that weaves underneath the watch's spring bars. This design makes it incredibly versatile and easy to swap, enhancing the user's comfort and convenience.
NATO straps are renowned for their adaptability. They can endure various outdoor activities, from swimming to hiking, without compromising on comfort or style. In their original nylon format, their quick-drying nature and sturdy construction also ensure that even if a spring bar detaches unexpectedly, the watch remains secure on your wrist.
Whether paired with a high-end luxury watch or a casual timepiece, the Tanner Nato Leather Watch Strap adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it a worthy addition to any watch collection.


The Bellever Bespoke Watch Strap: A Contemporary Classic

The Bellever watch strap is the ultimate customisable strap. Completely bespoke and made to order. Choose your leather, thread, buckle, length, width, tapered or straight, we make these straps exactly as you desire!
A contemporary classic that exemplifies the fusion of style and functionality.

Bellever: Strength and Style

Bellever straps are completely hand stitched, using a waxed braided polyester thread for its rot resistant properties. This durability make the Bellever Strap an excellent choice for those seeking a strap that can withstand the rigours of daily use while maintaining a polished and sophisticated appearance.

Bellever: A Seamless Blend of Comfort and Elegance

The Bellever watch strap's comfort level is second-to-none, thanks to its meticulous design, ensuring a comfortable fit for the wearer. We cut the straps to be ever so slightly oversized at the lug meaning a snug fit when new, but as the leather relaxes the fit will be perfect, no gap forming at the lug – a common problem for some leather straps.

Ermington Leather Watch Straps: A Testament to Craftsmanship

When it comes to excellence in craftsmanship, the Ermington leather watch straps stand out. 
*The Ermington Strap currently on our website is discontinued and will be replaced shortly by a machine stitched version in some of the same Italian leathers as we offer our other straps in *

Full Grain Naturally Tanned Leather: Earn and Embrace your Patina
A distinguishing feature of Tanner Bates leather watch straps is their ability to develop a beautiful patina over time. This natural ageing process, enhanced by the occasional application of natural waxes and oils, results in a unique strap that tells a story of its journey to its transformation into a beautiful watch strap.

Strap Selection: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right watch strap involves considering a few key factors. These include the watch's design and size, the strap's material and construction, and the wearer's lifestyle and personal style.

The design and size of your watch play a crucial role in determining the right strap. A large, rugged watch may pair well with a sturdy NATO or Bellever strap, while a sleek, minimalist timepiece might be better suited to an Ermington leather strap.

Strap Material and Construction
The material and construction of the strap also significantly impact its look and feel. While watch straps are available in various different materials, from metal, to rubber and nylon, all of our Tanner Bates straps are meticulously hand crafted from full grain Italian vegetable tanned leather for a more luxurious feel.

Your lifestyle and personal style should ultimately guide your strap choice. If you prefer a more casual look, a NATO or Ermington strap might be the perfect fit. Conversely, if you gravitate towards a more classic aesthetic, a Bellever strap could be the ideal choice.

Care and Maintenance of Watch Straps
Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your leather watch strap, regardless of its type.

Caring for your Tanner Bates NATO, Ermington and Bellever Strap

If your leather watch strap gets wet or is exposed to any moisture, allow them to air dry completely before applying a natural leather conditioner such as our Hide Food. This will help to replace the natural fats and oils and keep the leather supple whilst enhancing the patina.

Strap Customisation and Modification

One of the many benefits of our watch straps is the ability to customise and modify them to suit your preferences. From choosing the strap material and colour to selecting the ideal buckle and thread colour, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Customising Your NATO or Ermington Strap

NATO and Ermington straps are available in a range of leather colours, allowing you to personalise your watch to match your outfit or mood. You can also choose between different buckle finishes to add a touch of sophistication.

Customising Your Bellever Leather Strap

With Bellever leather watch straps, you can choose from various leather and thread colours. You can also specify the strap length and cut, ensuring a perfect fit and a truly personalised look. If you require a matching bund, please get in touch for a quote.

Expanding Your Watch Strap Collection

Having a diverse range of watch straps can greatly enhance your timepiece's versatility. Swapping out your strap can instantly transform your watch's look, making it suitable for different outfits and occasions.
 Choosing the right watch strap can significantly enhance your timepiece's appearance and functionality. Whether you opt for a NATO, Ermington, or Bellever leather watch strap, each choice offers unique benefits and stylistic appeal. By understanding the differences between these straps, you can make an informed decision that suits your watch, lifestyle, and personal style perfectly.

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