The Tanner Bates Devon Diaries

The Tanner Bates Devon Diaries

August 25, 2020

We are lucky enough to live in one of England’s most beautiful counties. We are surrounded by nature and we all love getting out and exploring and experiencing all that Devon has to offer. Always trading tales of our adventures across the workbench. We wanted to share our favourite bits of Devon with you through this series of blog posts.

Tanner Bates Devon Diaries: Wild Swimming

All of us here at Tanner Bates love wild swimming whenever we’re not crafting beautiful things out of leather.

We have been comparing and trading our favourite swim spots. What better way to explore, relax and cool off? Here are a couple of our favourite locations for a dip – we wanted to share with you:


John swims almost every morning locally in the river Dart.

There are a couple of really good spots on the river locally, either just above Totnes Weir or as the water slows on its rout through the Dartington estate just a stones throw from our workshop.

Ella is more at home in the sea so regularly visits Bantham or Bigbury beach for a dip in the surf.

Matt loves taking a dip in the Dart, and can often be found hiking across Dartmoor with Billy, his trusty dog for a refreshing river swim. 

As always whenever wild swimming please, always take care and keep safe. Be sure to research safe swim spots.

Let us know your favourite spots for a quick dip, we love to explore new locations!

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