- The Tanner Bates Marque - Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

- The Tanner Bates Marque - Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

August 26, 2021

First impressions matter.

A good maker's marque, or logo should set intent, speak of who you are.
Just as every product we make, everything about our brand identity has to be right, every detail perfect.  

Every new product starts in the imagination. Many ideas were tried, many ideas were cast aside. Not quite right, not quite Tanner Bates enough, not perfect.
What matters to us and to our customers? Who is Tanner Bates?
Tanner Bates believes that provenance matters, sourcing only the finest materials.
Tanner Bates believes in traditional hand making with our small, skilled team of artisan craftspeople.
Tanner Bates believes in sustainable and ethical practices. From only using leather tanned naturally, a byproduct of the meat industry, and a workshop powered by the sun (on a good day!), to paying a living wage, and moving to plastic free packaging.
Tanner Bates is proudly based in Devon.
Rooted in tradition but looking to the future, Tanner Bates produces the highest quality products with clever modern designs, made from the finest raw materials by our dedicated and enthusiastic team.
These are the values that unite Tanner Bates, our employees and our customers.
Our new maker’s marque speaks of all of this.
With inspiration from our local Devonian hilly landscape of which we are so fond, and from our much loved round saddler's knife, a traditional hand tool we use every day. 

The clean crisp lines and text are a nod to our modern designs, rooted in heritage with the traditional hand tools and hand making techniques employed. 

'Made in Devon' - We are so proud that everything is made by hand here in our South Devon workshop. Provenance matters to us, we know the people who make our raw materials, always sourced as locally and sustainably as possible.
This new look reflects where Tanner Bates has come from and where we are headed. A modern leather goods company, founded on traditional practices, with sustainability at the heart of what we do.

We hope that you like our new look as much as we do. 
We will be introducing updated packaging and moving away from plastic entirely over the coming months.

This is an exciting journey, and one we are thrilled to be sharing with you.

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