Why Personalised Leather Gifts are the Perfect Choice for Corporate Gifting

Why Personalised Leather Gifts are the Perfect Choice for Corporate Gifting

October 04, 2023

Why Personalised Leather Gifts are the Perfect Choice for Corporate Gifting
In the realm of corporate gifting, selecting the ideal present can often be a challenging task. Whilst the corporate world is teeming with potential gift options, it's crucial to find something that resonates with the recipient's taste, aligns with your brand image, and leaves a lasting impression. 
One such gift that ticks all these boxes is personalised leather gifts. From wallets and portfolios to tech accessories and desk sets, personalised leather gifts offer a blend of luxury, practicality, and personal touch, making them an ideal choice for corporate gifting. This article delves into the world of corporate leather gifts, exploring their significance, benefits, and considerations to keep in mind while choosing them.
Personalised Leather Gifts

Understanding Corporate Gifts and their Significance

Corporate gifts are a powerful tool used by businesses to express appreciation, foster relationships, and enhance brand visibility. They serve as tangible tokens of recognition, showing clients and employees that their contributions are valued. The impact of a well-thought-out corporate gift can be profound, leading to strengthened business relationships, increased loyalty, and potential business opportunities.

The Rising Popularity of Personalised Leather Gifts

In the sea of corporate gifts, personalised leather gifts have emerged as a popular choice among businesses. The reason for their rising popularity lies in the inherent qualities of leather - a material that is timeless, durable, and radiates sophistication. 
Leather gifts are not only visually appealing, but they also offer practical utility. With the option of personalisation, these gifts can be tailored to the recipient's tastes, adding a layer of thoughtfulness and personal touch to the gift. Here at Tanner Bates we are always on hand to discuss your project and the options of personalisation we can offer.
Personalised Leather Belt
The Allure of Leather: Timeless, Durable, and Luxurious
Leather, as a material, has a universal appeal. Its rich texture, natural sheen, and inherent durability make it a symbol of luxury and refinement. Unlike synthetic materials, genuine leather ages beautifully over time, adding to its charm and appeal. It is also highly durable, ensuring that your gift will remain functional and beautiful for years to come.
Why Personalised Leather Gifts Make a Statement
Personalised leather gifts go beyond the ordinary, offering something unique and personal to the recipient. By engraving or embossing the recipient's name, initials, or a special message, you add a personal touch that transforms a simple gift into something special and cherished. Personalisation creates a sense of connection and shows the recipient that you've taken the time to think about them individually.
How to Choose the Perfect Personalised Leather Gift
When it comes to selecting the perfect personalised leather gift, there are several key factors to consider. These include:
Personalised Leather Coaster
Budget and quantity
The budget plays a role in determining the type of gift you can afford. However, don't let a limited budget deter you from choosing personalised leather gifts. Many suppliers offer discounts for bulk orders, allowing you to purchase quality leather gifts without breaking the bank.
Recipient's Position and Preferences
Understanding the recipient's position in the company and their personal preferences can help you choose a gift that they'll appreciate. Whether it's a sleek leather portfolio for a senior executive or a personalised leather wallet for an employee, aligning the gift with the recipient's tastes and needs will make it more impactful.
Event Relevance
The occasion or event for which you're giving the gift will also influence your choice of gift. For instance, a personalised leather wallet might be a great gift for a work anniversary, while a leather messenger bag could be more appropriate for a tech conference.
Personalised Leather Gifts
Practicality and Functionality
Practical and functional gifts are always well-received. Consider gifting leather items that the recipient can use in their daily life, such as a leather notebook, leather belt, or a leather cardholder.
Brand Alignment and Image
Finally, ensure that the leather gift aligns with your brand image and values. A high-quality, personalised leather gift can enhance your brand's image, showcasing your commitment to quality and attention to detail.
Popular Corporate Leather Gifts
Several leather items make excellent corporate gifts. Some popular choices include:
Leather glasses cases
Our Glasses Case is crafted from our distinctive bark-tanned leather originating from Florence.
This leather is procured from a small traditional Tuscan tannery in an ethical and eco-friendly manner. The natural vegetable tanning process incorporates a blend of tree bark and water, converting animal skins into rich leather, a method steeped in age-old traditions that give it its characteristic aroma. Over time, as natural oils diminish, it's ideal to occasionally treat the leather with natural waxes and oils to maintain its lustre. 
Messenger Bags
For professionals who are always on the move, leather messenger bags or travel bags can be a great gift that can be personalised. They offer protection for their devices and other work items while adding a touch of elegance.
Our oak bark leather bags are crafted from hides bridle butt, leather that is also commonly used in the equestrian industry for bridles and stirrups. Due to the leather being traditionally and gently tanned, seeped in oak bark and water liquor for over a year, the hides are bursting with character. Each hide is hand dyed, so there is some variation hide to hide and even across individual hides. Not two are the same. All of the naturally occurring marks that were on the animal can be seen on the leather, such as scars and other blemishes. Irregular dying is a characteristic of this stunning leather. We ensure that each bag we produce stands out with its unique flair and distinction. Every piece is genuinely one-of-a-kind.
Our bags are meticulously hand-crafted in the Tanner Bates studio by skilled and experienced leather artisans. We intentionally align our designs on each hide, and every piece is hand-cut with precision using a traditional curved cutting tool, known as the saddlers round knife.Durability is at the heart of Tanner Bates bags. All stitching and edges are deliberately visible to facilitate easy repairs if ever needed. 
Personalised Leather Wallet
Leather Wallets
Leather wallets are practical accessories that recipients can use daily, making them an ideal choice for corporate gifting.
Crafted by hand in Dartington, South Devon, our designs are realised using the world renowned oak bark-tanned Devon leather or the finest full-grain Italian vegetable-tanned leather.
Oak bark tanned leather is full grain, naturally and traditionally tanned in East Devon in the last remaining oak bark tannery in Europe. While our Italian full grain vegetable-tanned leather is sourced from small traditional tanneries in Florence. Our Cut Edge design incorporates 13 distinct pieces.
In conclusion, personalised leather gifts offer a unique blend of luxury, practicality, and personal touch, making them an ideal choice for corporate gifting. 
By choosing the right gift, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients and employees, strengthening your business relationships and enhancing your brand image. So, if you're on the lookout for the perfect corporate gift, consider the timeless appeal of personalised leather gifts.
Frequently asked questions about Personalised Leather Gifts
How do you personalise a leather wallet?
Personalising a leather wallet can add a touch of individuality and make it a cherished possession or a special gift. Here's how you can personalise a leather wallet:
Embossing is a process whereby the initials or artwork are pressed into the leather surface, usually blind embossed (no colour) for a more understated look, or using gold, silver or black foil.
Debossing depresses the leather around the design, leaving the artwork or initials standing out, appearing raised.
For either method, you'll need a stamp or set of stamps (usually magnesium or brass) and a press. Usually the press runs hot, to around 100 degrees, although for blind embossing the heat is not always necessary. Here at Tanner Bates we find the more popular choice is embossing, it also requires less pressure as less of the leather is flattened in the process.
Use a laser engraver or a Dremel tool to carefully engrave names, initials, or designs onto the leather surface. This will offer a different aesthetic to embossing as you are either ‘burning’ or removing the top surface of the grain side of the leather.
· Leather paints or dyes can be used to create patterns, scenes, or even portraits. Ensure you use paint specifically designed for leather to ensure longevity.
· Add a unique touch by stitching patterns or designs using coloured threads.
· Add initials or names to the wallet using a specialised monogramming stamp or machine. This is usually embossed into the leather. 
Burnishing or Pyrography:
· Use a wood burner tool to carefully 'draw' on the leather. This method burns the design into the leather, giving it a rustic, branded appearance. Similar to laser engraving, although more artisanal as designs are hand drawn.
Adding Hardware:
· Add decorative rivets, studs, or other metal embellishments.
Leather Patches:
· Stitch a personalised leather patch onto the wallet.
Inserts or Lining:
· Add a personal touch inside the wallet by choosing a unique fabric lining or by adding special inserts.
· Dye the edges in a contrasting colour or use special tools to create decorative edge designs.
Custom Leather Wallet:
·      Use a custom leather or custom leather and thread design to take a standard wallet and make it your own. Use your company colours for example.
· Before personalising, ensure the leather is clean.
· If you're new to leatherwork, consider practising on scrap/offcut pieces first.
· Always take necessary precautions. For example, when using sharp or hot tools, work in a stable environment and be mindful of hand placement.
Whether you're aiming for a simple, subtle touch or a bold statement, personalising a leather wallet can make it uniquely yours or offer a sentimental gift for someone special.
 Personalisation of Leather
Can you get a leather wallet engraved?
Yes, you can get a leather wallet engraved. Typically, when people refer to "engraving" on leather, they are talking about two main methods:
Laser Engraving:
· A laser engraver uses concentrated light to burn a design, name, or initials onto the surface of the leather, creating a permanent mark.
· The result is precise and can achieve fine details, making it ideal for intricate designs or fonts.
· One of the benefits of laser engraving is the ability to produce consistent results, there is also no need to create a custom physical embossing tool for laser engraving.
Tooling or Embossing:
· Embossing is the most popular choice for personalising a leather wallet. We can either use our house font which is a sans serif set of traditional book binders brass type. Each letter is set individually by hand into our embossing machine. Alternatively we can create a bespoke embossing tool with your own artwork. 
· While not technically "engraving," tooling or embossing does share similarities with engraving as whilst you are not burning a design into the leather, you are pressing the design into the leather. Tooling is generally done manually with stamps and special tools and a mallet, whilst embossing is done with a press or embossing machine.
· This method gives the leather a recessed appearance, (or raised appearance for debossing) - embossing vs. debossing - and is a traditional way of personalising leather goods
If you're interested in getting a leather wallet engraved, it's advisable to:
· Check with the manufacturer or retailer first, as some offer personalisation services. It is always better to have a wallet personalised by the manufacturer during the making process rather than afterwards by a third party. 
· If you've already purchased the wallet, look for local businesses specialising in engraving or leatherwork. Many trophy and awards shops also provide laser engraving services, although the risk and acceptance of irreparable damage or mistakes usually rests with the client.
· Ensure the leather is of suitable for engraving.
· Keep in mind that engraving is a permanent alteration, so ensure the desired design or text is correct before proceeding.
Is it better to engrave or emboss leather?
Whether it's better to engrave or emboss leather depends on the desired outcome, the type of leather, and personal preference. Both methods have their advantages and considerations:
Laser Engraving:
· Precision: Laser engraving provides highly detailed designs, and does not require a bespoke embossing tool to be produced.
· Consistency: Each piece should, in theory, receive the same level of engraving from the machine.
· Versatility: If producing multiple variants, it is fast and easy to edit each design.
· Burned Appearance: The laser burns the leather, which will darken the cut edges of the design and the artwork will also appear dark. There are no options for different coloured foils.
· Speed: For bulk orders, laser engraving can be a more time-consuming process than embossing.
· Texture: Creates a tactile, three-dimensional design on the leather surface.
· Traditional Look: Embossing gives a classic and traditional aesthetic to leather items.
· Flexibility: It's easy to change designs by using different stamps or tools, also utilising different colour foils to add an additional level of customisation.
· Cost: If using our house lettering to add initials, there is no need to produce a bespoke embossing tool.
· Skill Requirement: Manual embossing requires skill and experience to achieve consistent and high-quality results.
· Cost: If multiple bespoke embossing tools are required, or a large embossing tool, this can add additional costs to the order. 
· Type of Leather: Soft, pliable leathers might not hold the impression of an embossed design as well as a more firm leather. For engraving, a lighter coloured leather with a smoother surface might yield clearer results.
· Purpose: If you're going for a vintage or handcrafted look, embossing might be preferred. For a modern design, engraving might be the better choice.
· Durability: Both methods are permanent, but over time and with use, both will wear. An embossed design may well be the more durable option, although it may become less pronounced and foil can also wear.
Ultimately, whether to engrave or emboss leather comes down to the specific needs of the project and the desired aesthetic. It is a very personal choice. It might be helpful to see examples of both before deciding.
How do I personalise leather?
Personalising leather can transform a simple item into a unique and cherished possession. Here are some methods and steps to personalise leather:
Tooling or Embossing:
· Tools Needed: Tooling tools and a mallet for tooling, or a set of stamps or embossing tool and a press or embossing machine for embossing. 
· Method: Tooling is an incredibly skilled and time-consuming traditional method where the design is traced onto the leather and each bit is ‘tooled’ into the leather with a special tool and mallet. Embossing is the more popular choice where the design is carefully and accurately lined up on the leather before being pressed into the leather, usually with a press or embossing machine for a hot stamp. 
Laser Engraving:
· Tools Needed: Laser engraving machine.
· Method: Program the machine with your desired design, font, or pattern and let the machine burn the design onto the leather surface.
· Tools Needed: Alphabet stamps and a mallet.
· Method: Position the stamp carefully and accurately, and strike it with a mallet to imprint initials or names, alternatively press it into the leather with a press or embossing machine.
· Tools Needed: Leather paints or dyes, paintbrushes.
· Method: Apply paint or dye directly to the leather, creating patterns, scenes, or portraits. Remember to seal the paint with a finisher to protect it.
· Tools Needed: Wood burning (pyrography) tool.
· Method: Use the tool to burn designs directly into the leather, much like drawing.
· Tools Needed: Needle, thread, and a stitching awl, alternatively a sewing machine could be used.
· Method: Stitch patterns, names, or designs onto the leather using coloured or contrasting threads.
Adding Hardware:
· Tools Needed: Rivets, studs, snaps, and corresponding setting tools.
· Method: Add decorative elements like studs or rivets to the leather.
Leather Patches:
· Tools Needed: Adhesive and sewing tools.
· Method: Attach a pre-made, personalised leather patch onto a larger item, by gluing in place and then stitching in place to ensure durability.
· Tools Needed: Leather dye, sponge or dauber.
· Method: Apply dye to the leather for a custom colour or create patterns with different dye shades.
Tips for Personalising Leather:
· Always test a small, inconspicuous area or offcut before applying any method to the whole piece.
· Ensure the leather is clean before personalising.
· For those new to leatherwork, consider taking a beginner's course or watching instructional videos to get the basics.
· Use protective gear, like gloves or goggles, when working with dyes, paints, or machinery.
With patience and creativity, you can personalise leather to reflect your style or make a memorable gift for someone special.
What is the difference between stamped and engraved leather?
Both stamping and engraving are popular methods for adding designs, patterns, or text to leather items. They each have distinct characteristics and advantages:
Stamped Leather: (also known as embossed)
1.     Method: Stamping involves pressing a design or letter into the leather's surface using a stamp or press, or with the help of a mallet or hammer. 
2.     Appearance: Stamping results in a recessed design. It creates a tactile, three-dimensional effect.
· Traditional Appearance: Depending on the design, stamping can offer a classic and handmade look.
· Versatility: There are many stamps available, from letters to intricate designs, allowing for a wide range of customisation.
· No Heat Required: Stamping doesn't have to involve any form of heat, unless using a foil.
· Skill Requirement: Achieving accurate and consistent results, especially for larger designs or patterns, requires a huge amount of skill and experience.
Engraved Leather:
Method: Engraving, especially laser engraving, uses a machine to burn a design onto the leather surface. The laser precisely removes the top layer of the leather to reveal the design.
Appearance: Engraving results in a flat design with a darkened appearance. Depending on the depth and intensity, it might be slightly recessed.
· Precision: Laser engraving can capture intricate details with high precision.
· Consistency: Each item will receive the same level of engraving.
· Versatility: Capable of handling complex patterns, images, and fonts.
· Burned Edges: The laser burns the leather, which can darken the cut edges of the design and gives a darkened appearance to the artwork engraved, sometimes giving a slightly burned smell.
· Higher Equipment Cost: Laser engravers can be expensive, although many services offer laser engraving if you don't have your own machine.
In Summary:
· Stamped leather is the more popular choice. Some people believe it offers a more luxurious and premium aesthetic. It is characterised by its raised or recessed designs, which offers a tactile and traditional appearance. There is the option to use different coloured foils.
· Engraved leather laser engraving offers a flat darkened appearance to designs and negates the need for a new custom embossing tool for each new design. 
The choice between stamping and engraving will depend on the desired aesthetic, the tools available, and the specific requirements of the project. It is a very personal choice. 

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