Ermington Leather Watch Strap

Ermington Oak Bark Tanned Leather Watch Strap

  • Devon Oak Bark Tanned Bridle Leather - Devon Cows/Lake District Oak Bark/River Coly Water
  • Also available in Russia Kip Devon Calf Skin
  • Super patina and suppleness 
  • Individually made by the Tanner Bates Team in Dartington, Devon
  • Each one arrives ready to fit with buckle and sprung bar lug fittings
  • Standard lug sizes 18, 20, 22mm
  • Choice of lengths Medium and Large (120/70 & 130/80)
  • Bonding technology as used by Northampton shoemakers

Consider closer to home resources.

Our valuable local leather resource has allowed us to ride the storm of widespread imported raw material shortages. Our Oak Bark Tanned Leather comes from Devon Cows whose skins are tanned with Oak Bark from the Lake District at Bakers Tannery in the east of the county and arrive to us thankfully without customs scrutiny.

Ermington Oak Bark Tanned Leather Watch

Ermington Leather Watch

A word about leather staining

Oak bark tanned leather is intended for horse tack and saddlery. It is not water repellent in its natural form and will absorb water, ink, oil – any liquid in fact which will stain irredeemably.  It is, however, the staining, scuffs and scratches that help build the patina so loved in old leather.

Instructions on how to build Patina.

Firstly, natural Oak Bark Tanned Leather loves to be used, even abused. Above all don’t be precious or protective about your leather but do look after it.

When the leather gets wet, just like horse tack, let it dry naturally then feed with Tanner Bates Hide Food. If, before it goes near water, you want to make it water repellent use Tanner Bates Water Repellant Wax. 

Hide Food and Water Repellant Wax keep your leather supple, builds patina and increases longevity. Occasional feeding with waxes will deepen stains, marks, scratches and scuffs, building a superb patina reminiscent of antique leather cases and inlaid leather desktops

Watch straps will get stained by water from hand, car and dish washing. The leather will aslo absorb natural oils and sweat from the skin of the wearer. The first stain is always the worst. Feed with Tanner Bates Hide Food or Water Repellant Wax to deepen stains scuffs and scratches blending them deeper into the leather forming the foundation of a strong patina

With time, the signs of life, use and activity will leave their marks and get absorbed into the leather. The wax treatment is essential to embed layers of staining, which will build an unrivaled patina, strength, and durability in a short time. Be mindful that it is a journey every bit as unique as the cows life whose skin it came from. The first marks are the most distressing but Tanner Bates Hide Food and Water Repellant Wax  will deepen the markings creating a patina unique to you, the owner

Ermington Leather Watch Strap

Full grain leather bears the scars of the animal. By caring for your Tanner Bates Oak Bark Tanned Leather product you will be continuing the journey of that animals skin – unique to the animal and as the patina builds unique to you as the journey continues …….