Midi Kingsbridge Travel Bag

Midi Kingsbridge Leather Travel Bag

Formerly known as the Midi Baja Leather Travel Bag.

The Midi Kingsbridge Travel Bag is a super stylish bag that is available in two different leathers. It has a separate inner compartment big enough for an iPad mini. We fit a long leather strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or across the body.

Dimensions 22.5 x 17.5 x 5 cms

Made from either Oak Bark Tanned Bridle leather or Italian Dakota Blue Leather. 

The hides are known as “full-grain” which means that the skin surface is as it came off the cow, just without the hair. The surface of the skin has not been buffed. This leaves all the character that were naturally on the cow’s skin; scars, blemishes etc. As a result, each product is unique to the owner. Tanner Bates - No two the same

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With two types of leather, the choice is yours.

The Oak Bark tanned leather  was originally made for bridles and stirrup leathers. Devon cowhides are tanned just using oak bark from the Lake District and water from the River Coly the flows by the tannery and drives their water wheel. The hides are suspended in an oak bark liquor and the water wheel agitates the liquor ensuring full absorption of the tannins. Its the tannins that do the essential work transforming skin into leather. The hides are processed completely by hand which takes almost 18 months. Bakers tannery in Colyton is the only oak bark tannery in Europe. Each of our oak bark tanned hides is unique and bursting with character. No two are the same. The rich brown dye has great depth - it is applied by hand and varies across the hide giving an interesting depth to the colour. The leather is full grain - the blemishes and scarring naturally found on the cows skin are not removed.

The Italian leather is sourced from a family run tannery in Florence. The Florentine Tanners make their leather in the old way using plant materials, traditional techniques, patience and closely guarded family secrets. The slow process of bark tanning yields a leather with a smell and patina reminiscent of a time past. The tumbling process dyes the leather a rich mahogany colour and softens it creating an interesting grain pattern.

All of our leathers have loads of character so that each of our bags can be unique, bursting with character and individuality. No two are the same. 

Midi Baja Leather Travel Bag by Tanner Bates

Hand-made in Devon

Each bag is carefully made by hand in the Tanner Bates workshop by skilled leather craftsmen. Our patterns are selectively positioned on the hides and the leather is cut by hand using specialist semi-circular knives.

Tanner Bates bags are made to last. All edges and stitching are exposed so that should the stitching ever break repair is simple.

Midi Baja Leather Travel Bag by Tanner Bates

Love your Leather

Our Naturally tanned leather is tough and can take a battering. We stitch it with a durable rot resistant thread which will give years of service. Occasionally a dose of Tanner Bates Liquid wax will make it look good as new.

Naturally tanned leather benefits from and will look its very best if given an occasional dose of natural waxes and oils.