Conceria La Perla Azzurra Missouri Leather: Cocoa 2.0/2.2mm

Conceria La Perla Azzurra S.R.L. is a small Tuscan leather tannery producing some of the finest leather available.

La Perla is a proud member of the the Consorzio Vera Pella Italiana. Using traditional methods, the hides are tanned using bark and extracts from the Quebracho tree, then either greased for a natural finish or through dyed in large drums. For their Missouri shoulders, the Florentine tanners add a special oil during the tanning process.

Their Missouri shoulders are full grain, pure vegetable tanned, through dyed with a random tumbled/pebbled appearance and texture with some parts of the hide being smoother and other parts being more intensely tumbled. The ‘Bottalata’ look is achieved by soaking the hides in oil and then tumbling the skins in drums allowing the oil to move inside the fibres and produce ‘wrinkles’. The result is a stunning textured hide bursting with natural character.