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Brown Oak Bark Leather Belt



The Oak Bark Leather Belt is a substantial traditional belt made from heavy hide about 5mm thick, the type used by harness and bridle makers. This tough yet supple hide is made in the old way and has a strong smell of leather.

  • Hand-stitched 5mm oak bark tanned leather
  • Sand-cast buckles made in a West Midlands foundry
  • Brass rivets and tough braided thread
  • Belt width 1.25”, 1.5” and 1.75". Other widths available to order
  • Each belt is tailor made for a perfect fit
  • Buckles in brass, nickel-plated brass or solid nickel
  • Tub of Tanner Bates Hide Food with every belt
  • Individual Serial number
  • Free personalisation 
  • Free Shipping
  • Click here to learn more about bespoke personalisation


For an accurate fit please see our size guide below.


The hides are known as “full-grain” which means that the skin surface is as it came off the cow, just without the hair. The surface of the skin has not been buffed. This leaves all the character that were naturally on the cow’s skin; scars, blemishes etc. As a result, each product is unique to the owner. Tanner Bates - No two the same

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Belt Width
Your Oak Bark Leather Belt is made to order, please tick the box to confirm you have measured in accordance with our diagram. We cannot accept returns unless faulty.

Finding your size

Measure an existing belt as shown in the diagram below.



To get the right size measure an existing belt from the point where the leather meets the buckle to the most regularly used hole. This is the measured size.
If this information is not available tell us the trouser size

Each belt has 5 holes 1” (2.5cm) apart. Your supplied measurement will be to the centre one of the five.

Oak Bark Tanner Leather Belt by Tanner Bates

Hand-made in Devon

We make these belts in our leather workshop in rural South Devon using leather from a local tannery, the last of its kind in Europe.

The buckles are cast in sand in a foundry in Walsall, West Midlands.

The belts are made enitirely by hand from cutting the strap from the hide to the shaping of the point which we make using a traditional saddlers round knife.

Uniquely Crafted

The leather has a full grain finish which means that every blemish or scar on the cows skin will be present on the finished hide and apparent on the finished product. The hides are dyed by hand at the tannery with an aniline dye. This process allows the grain and all the individual markings on the cows skin to show through. The dye is absorbed into the hide in an irregular way so giving a unique appearance to every belt. No two are the same.
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Natural leather needs feeding from time to time (more often in a dry hot environment). Apply a lavish dose of Tanner Bates Hide Food every 6 months to ensure long and supple service. A complimentary tub of Hide Food is supplied with every belt.

Our buckles are hand-made for us by a foundry in Walsall, UK. We fasten them with a combination of solid brass rivets and hand stitching. You can choose from solid brass, nickel plated brass (shiny silver appearance) or solid nickel. The solid nickel is a subtle blend of the two. Not as yellow as brass or as shiny silver as the nickel plate. 

"I received my belts this morning many thanks such speedy delivery. Please let me say that you have created a beautiful product the smell of this leather is nothing like I have smelt before.... now I have 2 beautiful unique bespoke belts that will last me I should imagine the rest of my days" G.L.

"...great quality, nicely packaged and presented, just what I  have been looking for some considerable time, resolved now I have found your site. Perfect!" J.G.


Oak Bark Tanned Leather Belt by Tanner Bates

Free Personalisation

Complimentary personalisation of up to 12 characters is available. We use traditional bookbinders brass type (24pt Gill Sans) embossed on the reverse of the belt (hidden on the inside). The hot stamping process allows you to choose between gold, silver, black and blind (no colour) embossing. The personalisation will follow the same orientation as our maker's marque. 

Please note, personalised items cannot be exchanged or returned.

Serial Number

Tanner Bates Oak bark leather belts are special. Gradually the tanneries that make this leather have disappeared until now there is only one left in Europe. As for the buckles, we have been able to find only one foundry in this country using the traditional sand casting process. Because there is a chance that these belts could become history we number each one and keep a log of the purchase.

Love your Leather

Our leather is ethically and sustainably processed. The tannery uses a mixture of tree barks to transform the animal hides to leather. This is an ancient tradition which yields the familiar leather smell. Natural oils evaporate over time and need replenishing. Your leather benefits from and will look its very best if given an occasional dose of natural waxes and oils. Our Leather care information card is included with every purchase.

Whats the difference between the Oak Bark Leather Belt and the Oak Bark Dartington Belt?


Oak Bark Leather Belt

Oak Bark Dartington Belt





Oak Bark Tanned 4.5mm

Oak Bark Tanned 4.5mm


Solid brass sand cast in Walsall West Midlands

Solid brass imported


Hand stitched and solid brass rivets

Brass plated rivets


Made to measure with 5 holes

S, M, L, XL with 7 holes

Making method

Hand cut holes and point

Pressed on machine


Hand-dyed, home-made recipe with shellac and beeswax

Hand-dyed, proprietary spirit edge dye


Ownership recorded with serial number

No recording


Free option

Free option


Drawstring bag with free Hide Food

Drawstring bag with free Hide Food




Customer Feedback

"The belt arrived I was delighted with the quality and finish. It was everything I hoped it would be. Will last me longer than a life time because I'm going to be buried in it.."

Mike Swanton