Santini Wallet Purse

A purse with five useful pockets made from just three pieces of Full Grain Italian leather ingeniously folded and riveted with double headed brass rivets. Available in Marron and Burnt Ochre leathers. 

Size 125mm x 75mm

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Burnt Ochre
Burnished Marron
Burnished Burnt Ochre

Tanner Techniques: Hand-Burnished & Boarded

Boarding is a traditional hand technique virtually no longer used in tanneries today, at least not commercially.

It was part of the finishing or ‘currying’ process to add a patina, soften and effectively ‘age’ the leather.

Boarding is a hand technique the Tanner Bates team apply in our Devon workshop. We use an original curved corkboard salvaged from a closed down Walsall tannery to apply random parallel crease lines to the surface of the leather.

The technique is only effective on naturally tanned leather and is perfectly complemented by the superb leather from the iconic Badalassi Carlo tannery.

From Our Designer John Hagger

'A customer visited our shop in rural South Devon with a purse he bought 20 years ago in France. It looked well loved, fitting neatly in his hand but in need of replacing. The customer thought they were no longer made and would we consider making one similar. I was intrigued by the design. I don’t like to copy but taking inspiration is fine so I set out to find a way of improving the original. It was complicated and took some time with many cast off prototypes but worth it in the end.'

Santini Wallt Purse in Tumbled Mahogany

Love Your Leather

We make the Santini Wallet Purse from our special bark tanned leather from Florence. Follow this link for more information about the leather.

Our leather is ethically and sustainably processed. The tannery uses a mixture of tree barks to transform the animal hides to leather. This is an ancient tradition which yields the familiar leather smell. Natural oils evaporate over time and need replenishing. Your leather benefits from and will look its very best if given an occasional dose of natural waxes and oils. Our Leather care information card is included with every purchase.