J & FJ Baker & Co Oak Bark Tanned 2.4/2.6mm

J & FJ Baker & Co creates the most exclusive, world renowned oak bark tanned leather. The site of J&FJ Baker has been a tannery since Roman times. The Baker family bought the tannery over 150 years ago and 5 generations ago, it remains a family business today. It is the last remaining oak bark tannery in Europe, and their leather is sought after the world over.
Oak Bark Tanning is a long, gentle process that protects the natural fibres of the hide, unlike modern tanning methods. Using only water from the stream that flows alongside the tannery, oak bark sourced from trees coppiced in the Lake District and Wales, and the best local Devon cow hides, the tannage takes 14 months to produce the leather. The tan pits are constantly agitated by an ancient waterwheel.
Each Bridle Butt is expertly dyed and finished by hand with a special blend of natural fats and oils to protect and feed the leather. Use a horsehair brush to remove any tallow that comes to the surface.