Leather Care Kit

Everything you need to ensure longevity and suppleness in your natural leather. Includes:

  • Tanner Bates Liquid Wax
  • Tanner Bates Hide Food
  • Applicator Cloth
  • English Horsehair Polishing Brush
  • Leather care leaflet
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Natural leather, as used in the Tanner Bates workshop, is tanned with tree barks, usually oak, chestnut, or mimosa, then treated with fats (mostly old fashioned dubbin and fish oils).

 Over time and with use, these fats leech out. If they are not replaced the leather would dry out and lose its strength and suppleness. This happens more quickly in a dry environment or paradoxically, if the leather gets wet.

 When new or left unused for some time, you may notice with some leathers (particularly bridle leather) a white bloom or surface residue. This can easily be removed by vigorous brushing with a horsehair polishing brush. Our brushes are made by traditional brush-makers in Walsall, west midlands. 

Our Leather Care Kit includes everything you need to keep your natural leather looking its best.