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Product Spotlight: The Devon Leather Messenger Bag

June 05, 2023

Product Spotlight: The Devon Leather Messenger Bag

Our Devon leather messenger bag is the perfect accessory for those who value style, quality, practicality and sustainability. With its versatile design, our leather messenger bag can be used for various purposes, from carrying your laptop and essentials on the commute to keeping you organised and looking sharp during weekend getaways. 
The Devon Leather Messenger Bag is the perfect example of when traditional craftsmanship and traditional leatherworking techniques meet contemporary design. Here, we take an in-depth look at the features of the Devon Leather Messenger Bag and show you what sets it apart from other messenger bags on the market.
Material: Beautiful Oak Bark Leather
The Devon Leather Messenger Bag is made from oak bark tanned bridle butt leather, sourced from the legendary J & FJ Baker & Co Tannery, just up the road from our workshop here in Devon. The oak bark leather is renowned for its durability, natural beauty, and eco-friendly natural tanning process. This type of leather is created using centuries-old techniques, wherein oak bark from the Lake District and Wales along with water from the stream that flows alongside the tannery are used to transform raw hides into high-quality, world renowned beautiful leather. The result is a very special leather brimming with natural character, that develops a rich patina over time.
This leather is known as "full-grain," meaning it retains the natural surface of the cow's skin, minus the hair. The leather is not buffed or grain-corrected, which preserves the unique characteristics of the cow's skin, such as scars and blemishes, all of which are clearly visible on every piece. Furthermore, the hides are hand dyed and finished. As a result, each product made by Tanner Bates is one-of-a-kind and unique. Tanner Bates – No Two The Same.

Reclaimed Leather: The Real Deal
To further set our Devon Leather Messenger Bag apart from the competition, we use reclaimed oak bark leather. These hides were initially intended for equestrian products, such as bridles and stirrup leathers, but were put to one side due to small surface imperfections like scratches, scars, or uneven dyeing; aesthetic reasons. The equestrian trade has incredibly exacting standards. By repurposing these hides, each Devon Leather Messenger Bag is imbued with a unique character and individuality that other bags simply cannot replicate.

Construction: Handcrafted with Care
Each Devon Leather Messenger Bag is meticulously crafted by skilled leather artisans with years of experience right here in our Tanner Bates workshop in Devon. Handmade means handmade. The bag's cutting patterns are strategically placed on the hides to make the most of and showcase their beautiful natural markings. The leather is hand-cut using a traditional saddler’s round knife - a special semi-circular knife. The bag is then stitched by hand using tough braided thread, a time consuming process – each and every stitch hole is made individually by hand using an old fashioned stitch awl. We put great care and attention into all our products and agonise over every detail, but our signature Devon Messenger Bag is one of the ones we are most proud of. 

Built to Last a lifetime and beyond
The Devon Leather Messenger Bag is designed with longevity in mind, all the stress points are reinforced for maximum durability. The solid brass D-ring, attaching the shoulder strap to the bag is reinforced with a hidden metal strip for added strength. The copper rivet secures six layers of material, including two metal layers, providing a robust and long-lasting connection to stand the test of time. There is also a hidden metal plate that runs along the top of the bag so that where the carry handle attaches the bag will retain its structure and strength for life. The rivets we use are solid copper, so there's no plating to rub off over time, each rivet is hand hammered for enhanced durability of the bag.

Strap: Cotton Web or Leather
The Devon Leather Messenger Bag comes with a sturdy cotton web strap, 5cm wide, which helps distribute the bag's weight evenly across your shoulder for a more comfortable wear. If you prefer a leather strap, we would happily incorporate one upon request. Furthermore, each bag is made to order, so if you have any bespoke personalisation or other custom requests, do get in touch! Personalisation always adds that special extra something for memorable gifts, whether corporate, personal or wedding favours.

Your travel companion and a bag for life
The Devon Leather Messenger Bag is an excellent travel companion, with ample space to store your passport, travel documents, wallet, and other essentials. In addition, its sturdy, time-tested construction ensures that your belongings are well-protected during your journey and you’re sure to make an impression when you arrive.
Leather care kit
Caring for Your Leather Messenger Bag
To keep your Devon Leather Messenger Bag looking its best and in top condition for future generations, it's essential to care for the leather properly. 
With time and use, the leather will deepen and darken in colour; it will take on marks, scuffs and scratches and will quickly start to develop a stunning patina unique to you and how you use the bag. The first mark is always the most painful, but with each application of Tanner Bates Hide Food and Liquid Wax, the marks will go deeper into the leather, more will appear and all will blend beautifully into each other, telling the story of the piece as you embark on your journey together. 
Each Devon Messenger Bag is supplied with a complimentary Tanner Bates Leather Care Kit. The naturally tanned oak bark leather is tough and can take a battering over years of service, however in return, it needs looking after and will benefit from the occasionally dose of Tanner Bates Hide Food and Liquid Wax will help maintain its appearance and durability. These natural waxes and oils nourish the leather, keeping it supple and protect it from becoming dry.
Keep your bag away from extreme or direct heat and out of direct sunlight, which can cause the leather to fade or crack, causing irreparable damage.
Should you ever have any questions or require any assistance with caring for your Tanner Bates piece, please do reach out. 
Contemporary Heirloom
We believe The Devon Leather Messenger Bag is a prime example of a modern classic. Its unique oak bark leather, hand-stitched construction, and versatile functionality make it the perfect companion for work, travel, and daily life. If you'd like to purchase a thoughtfully crafted, memorable and functional piece that brings the best of old and new together, we don't think you can do much better than our Devon Messenger Bag.

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