The Mill Bay Tote Bag

Combining 18oz waxed canvas from the legendary Halley Stevensons and full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather this streamline tote bag is ideal for your everyday excursions. Entirely hand made in small batches, we use sturdy hand hammered copper rivets for extra strength and incorporate a convenient solid brass dee ring to keep your keys secure and readily to hand. 

  • Choose from three different colourways
  • Full grain Italian vegetable tanned leather handles
  • 18oz Halley Stevensons waxed canvas
  • Hand peened copper rivets
  • Solid brass D-ring
  • Dimensions of main body: 36 x 29 x 10 cms (Approx)
  • Read more about Halley Stevensons Waxed Canvas here
  • For tips to keep your waxed canvas looking its best, please see our: Waxed Canvas Care Guide 



Waxed Canvas & Leather: Handsome Partners

There are many similarities and parallels between waxed cotton and leather which make them handsome partners. From durability and longevity, to how both will evolve over time naturally pick up marks and creases through use, creating a beautiful patina and adding character to the piece, unique to the owner. Ultimately creating a one of a kind product.

Both materials can be maintained by the user, by applying waxes. The natural oils can be put back into the leather just as the waxed canvas weather proofing can be topped up. The waxed cotton will adjust to ambient temperature to be softer in warm weather and stiffer in cold conditions, as the leather can also be affected by its environment.
We have sourced our waxed canvas from the great British outdoor innovator, Halley Stevensons. Based in Dundee, Scotland. Boasting over 150 years of heritage and experience, their waxed canvas is arguably the finest available and is sought after throughout the world.

Being able to support British manufacturing is important to us. Halley Stevensons is an independent company who source their raw materials responsibly and pride themselves on low impact manufacturing to keep their footprint light on the planet. So naturally, Halley Stevensons and their legendary waxed canvas were an obvious choice for us.

Halley Stevensons Waxed Canvas Maintenance Manual

The durable nature of Halley Stevensons waxed canvas is one of its remarkable qualities, providing you with a product that not only withstands the test of time but improves with age. Regular care ensures its longevity, much like our quality leather goods that also occasionally require maintenance.

Unlike typical fabric, the waxed cotton of these products has been treated to repel water and resist weather elements, requiring special consideration when cleaning. Traditional methods like washing machines or dry-cleaning services are unsuitable for these items. The wax finish, which will wear down through use, will at some point necessitate reapplication.

You have the option to refresh your waxed canvas bag either by yourself or by seeking assistance from experts.

For instructions on maintaining the leather components of your waxed canvas bag, our detailed Leather Care Kit and accompanying "Love Your Leather" blog offer invaluable advice.

DIY Waxed Canvas Bag Cleaning and Rewaxing Steps:
Begin by gently removing any superficial soil with a soft bristle brush or damp cloth. For more persistent spots, a gentle dab with a soft cloth and lukewarm water should suffice—avoid harsh soaps, particularly those designed to cut through grease.

Once your bag is clean and completely dry, you can consider reapplying the wax. It's a process that, with a bit of time and meticulous care, yields rewarding results.

Halley Stevensons provides excellent products for this purpose; their Original Wax Reproofing Wax and Spray are available online. Adhere to their detailed guidelines to ensure you don’t accidentally wax the leather parts of the bag and to obtain an optimal finish.

Professional Rewaxing Services Recommendation:
We at Tanner Bates cherish our collaboration with Mallin & Son. Specialising in reconditioning waxed fabric, Mallin & Son is based in Yorkshire and promises unmatched services in reviving waxed cotton apparel. Contact Mallin & Son to have your items serviced for an impeccable finish.

Mallin & Son Contact Details:
An indispensable resource in the world of waxed cotton maintenance, Mallin & Son reigns as the premier workshop of its kind within the UK.

Background of Mallin & Son: From its inception in 2019 by founder Ryan Mallinson, Mallin & Son grew rapidly into an emblem of sustainable garment care. They've garnered global recognition for their reproofing services, working with esteemed brands such as Barbour, Belstaff, and Burberry.

The Mallinson lineage has been intertwined with textile craftsmanship since the early 20th century, and their connection to the historical textile hub of Ossett further solidifies their expertise. Based in Springfield Mill, the site of Ossett's pioneering textile mill dating back to the 1700s, Mallin & Son takes pride in their heritage and precise craftsmanship, ensuring your Tanner Bates waxed canvas bag receives the finest care possible.